What to see and visit in Cefalù

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"Discovering the beautiful province of Palermo and its unique atmosphere"

Cefalù is famous for its beautiful and long beaches, the sea is a deep blue colour, but above all for the artistic beauty of the fishing village, rich in history and ancient monuments that characterize Cefalù throughout. In the narrow streets of the centre, with a medieval feel, there are buildings embellished with architectural decorations and many churches that reveal its importance as an episcopal seat. Although ancient, Cefalù is well organized from a tourist point of view, guaranteeing a unique and personalized experience thanks to the travel offers in Cefalù.
Registered in the most beautiful villages in Italy and part of the Madonie Park, the architectural beauties of Cefalù, called the "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea" are countless. From the Temple of Diana, which dates back to the megalithic period, to the Greek, Arab and Norman remains such as the very famous Cathedral which dominates the city. The Duomo is accessed from a beautiful square adorned with palm trees via a splendid staircase. On the Cathedral Square itself you can admire the Town Hall, the Bishopric, the Seminary, the Pirajno Palace, Palazzo Maria, and Palazzo Legambi. (Source Expedia)

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